blue tequila

Mi Casita

We change name and spice the concept up adding more activities for you to enjo, but we are the same folks serving and cooking. The food, the service, the quality and the warm enviroment remains the same; So dont´t hesitate of keep enjoying of that delicious dishes that for years have been delighted your taste.

Family bonding can be created practically anywhere and the kitchen! It’s the soul of the home; it’s one of those places that reunite families, especially when it comes to delicious homemade meals prepared by grandma, aunt or mom. It is them who are always leaving their love in the kitchen and pass their much cherished recipes from generation to generation.

And he have had brought to you in every single dish we serve. May you enjoy of our cuisine and family enviroment. 


But enough about us, come on in, pull up a chair and let’s eat!


Just a glimpse of the high quality that every single dish we offer and serve has.

Blue Tequila

We refresh the image, but the commitment of our predeccesors remains the same, to deliver quality, original recipes and joy in every single dish we serve.

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